Tips for matching your hairstyle to your outfit

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle


Seasons and fashion trends might change every year, but this does not mean that you should change your wardrobe and hairstyle so often. The best way to follow the fashion trends is to adapt your style, and learn some tricks that would help you feel confident. You might think that you can wear the same hairstyle with different outfits, but there are some rules you should follow in order to impress with your style. Here are some women’s fashion tips, which would help you understand better how you should match your hairstyle to your outfit.

Tips for matching your hairstyle to your outfit

Dress first, hair second

You should know that specialists recommend choosing first your outfit, and only after you are sure about what clothes you are going to wear, you can do your hair. If you do your hairstyle first you will mess it up when you get dressed and you will have to do it again. Also, after you decide upon a certain outfit, you have more options from which to choose, when it comes to hair.

Keep one of them simple

When you choose a simple outfit, you can go for a more complex hairstyle, because they will complement each other. The key of an amazing style is to keep a balance between the outfit and hair. So if you choose to dress loud you should keep your hair simple, because other way you will look like a Hollywood actress and this is not advisable for a woman who goes to work. In case you are a fan of dresses, you should remember that your dress should be the show-stopper and not the hair. Women have to understand that hair is an accessory, similar to a bag, and it only has the role to highlight the dress.

Consider the neckline

In case you have long hair, you have to consider the neckline of the tops you are wearing. If the top has a high neckline, then you should opt for an updo. In case it has a low cut on the front or back, you could let your hair loose, it all depends to you. If you use to wear low cut dresses, you have to think about the reason you are wearing them, is it because you want to show off what you have, or because they fit you? If you want to show off, then you should opt for an updo, but in case you do not, you should wear your hear loose, because it will calm down the sexiness of the dress. Keep in mind that an updo will only accentuate the area, and it is not advisable to wear this style in the day. If you want to wear a strapless dress, you should accessorise it with a statement necklace, and pull out your hair. But if you do not feel comfortable, and you feel that you are showing off too much skin, you can wear it down, because it will soften the look