Three tips to consider when choosing a haircut

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Women often want to make a change as far as their appearance is concerned. Sometimes, they dye their hair in a new color or they arrange their hair differently. At the same time, a simple way to change your appearance is to try a new haircut. Before you rush out the door, to get to the hair salon, make sure you are heading the right direction. The secret of a great haircut is the specialist who performs it. Therefore, make sure that you have identified the right hair salon Weybridge located. Once you have completed this step, go to phase two of the process and choose your haircut. Here are three tips you might find useful.

Three tips to consider when choosing a haircut

You are the one that matters!

One of the fundamental mistakes that women in general make, when it comes to haircuts and fashion is to let themselves driven by trends. It is good to know what is in and what is out, but you must not take these trends literally. Try to acknowledge them and think of ways to properly apply them in your case. Put yourself first and what you like and dislike, not make-up artists or hairdressers. For instance, the current trends say that pastel colors could easily work for hair dyes. They might if you are a celebrity or a model, but if you are a regular person who goes to work every day, it might not be an appropriate choice. A haircut long on one side and short on the other could appear. Think if it is suitable for your daily lifestyle and then decide if you should really put the trend into practice. Put yourself first at all times.

Consider the shape of your face and type of hair

These are two very important aspects. You need to consider the shape of your face. Some haircuts are perfect for oval faces, but they are absolutely terrible for round ones. See what your face shape is and then decide. Usually the opinion of the hairdresser should count and if he or she is on your side, you will find out that opinion. At the same time, the type of hair matters just as much. For the bob haircut, a think hair is necessary. Thin hair cannot handle this haircut and it won’t look as you might have hoped. Still, the hairstylist should know more on this matter, so ask for his or her opinion.

Consider your daily schedule

It is true that nothing compares with the moment you step out of the hair salon. Your hair looks amazing and you are completely satisfied with the result. Still, a few days later, the effect tends to fade away. You either take on the responsibility to arrange it properly or you leave it just the way it is, simply washing it when necessary. Make sure you talk to your stylist and ask him or her to do a haircut that is suitable for your daily lifestyle. If you have free time, see if you can find out a few secrets about how to arrange it. If you are a busy person, ask for a simple haircut easy to wear.