The Scottsdale facelift industry

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Over the last years, cosmetic surgery has known a significant increase in popularity, as people, and especially women, have become more and more concerned with the way they look. Since wrinkles are the most dreaded nightmare of all women, most cosmetic surgeries are aimed at fixing skin care problems. The rhytidectomy, more commonly known as facelift, refers to the surgical removal of wrinkles, being one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery. In fact, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery places facelifts on the sixth place, after liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty and rhinoplasty, which is also known as a nose job. To that extent, the Scottsdale facelift industry has come to the level where finding a plastic surgery practice to perform the procedure bears no difficulty. However, as the surgery has the purpose of making people look more youthful, it is extremely important to resort to highly professional services, plastic surgeons that have a vast experience in doing facelifts, so that no risks are faced.


No risks is actually a little far fetched, considering that, as popular as it may be, it is still a surgery and one that involves the excess of facial skin being removed. The Scottsdale facelift surgeons can perform this surgery either in association with the tightening of the tissue under the skin or with the redraping of the neck and face skin. The facelift can help various regions of your upper body, from the neck to the forehead, with the ultimate goal of reversing aging effects, such as loose skin, wrinkles or sagging skin. The Scottsdale facelift surgeons community however informs wishful patients on both the advantages of having such a procedure done and the challenges of the postoperative recovery. But, with patience and a highly skilled plastic surgeon, you will be able to enjoy a little longer the benefits of looking younger and having a fresh appearance. You would have to conduct a thorough research though, before choosing not only the doctor, but also the health care facility. A board certified plastic surgeon, who has been rigorously schooled and tested, will most certainly perform a facelift by the book, but it is the staff of the medical center you choose that will play a big role in your recovery. Fortunately, the Scottsdale facelift business makes use of plenty of surgical center with experienced and dedicated staff.

When you consider having a facelift done, depending on your looks and your desires, you can also consider additional surgeries that can be performed simultaneously, such as eyelid surgery or nose jobs. However, you should inform yourself thoroughly of the risks involved in such procedures, as well as in spending too much time under general anesthesia. One of the most commonly met complications of facelift surgeries is bleeding, while more rare complications involve necrosis or damage to the facial nerves or even infection, which is why it is extremely important to choose the best surgeon that Scottsdale facelift industry has to offer.

All things considered, a facelift can rejuvenate your appearance and give you the personal comfort that you might look for at a certain age, but while the procedure is fairly common and done by millions of people every year in the United States, one should still make absolutely sure that the Scottsdale facelift surgeon and medical facility of choice are fully accredited and highly professional. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the fact that the effects of cosmetic surgeries won’t last forever unless you have a rigorous skin care routine. If you have been sloppy with your beauty ritual so far, we advise you to rectify this behaviors. Cosmetic surgery is a drastic measure and it should not be a replacement for natural and cosmetic remedies.