The Hottest Haircuts

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Looking for some inspiration for a new haircut? Check out the hottest haircuts below and be ready to shine and attract everybody`s admiration!

Angled Bob Angled Bob Picture
  • New Angled Bob

Here you have a new classic: long bob, or “lob”. Chic and super flattering, the long bob can successfully soften a strong jaw or thin out a round face. Decide the angle and the desired length then enjoy your new hot look.

Blund Cut Blund Cut Picture
  • Blunt Cut

The blunt cut works on any face and is recommended especially for fine, straight hair. If you have think or curly textures, the blunt cut can look kind of frumpy.

Textured Bob Textured Bob Picture
  • Textured Bob

One of the hottest haircuts out there is the textured bob. The messy look of this bob is sexy and sensual, so it is surely a winner. Ask your hairstylist to chop up and razor the ends, but also check the length so that it swings freely above your shoulders. This hot haircut is a great choice for medium or wavy hair and any face shape.

Boho Layers Boho Layers Picture
  • Boho Layers

The versatile boho layers works great on all hair types, except the finest hair. Regardless if your hair has wavy, straight or curly texture, the boho layers are among the hottest haircuts that gives you a sexy look.

Classic Long Layers Classic Long Layers Picture
  • Classic Long Layers

If you want something simple and chic, go for classic long layers with some framing around the face. Ask your stylist to give you that look, but also specify that the layers should be chunky and think at the ends. Because it thins out the natural textures, this haircut goes the best with medium to thick hair (wavy or straight).

Heavy Bangs Heavy Bangs Picture
  • Heavy Bangs

Heavy bangs are also among the hottest haircuts. Your heavy bangs should start at the outer corners of your eyes, with the ends razored for lightening them up and lots of layers throughout the rest of your hair, especially around the face. This hot haircut suits almost all hair types.

Curl-enhancing Cut Curl-enhancing Cut Picture
  • Curl-enhancing Cut

Get one of the hottest haircuts by choosing this curl-enhancing cut. Ask your hairstylist to start layering at the shoulders and to streamline the sides in order to avoid a puffy, pyramid effect.

Long Pixie Long Pixie Picture
  • Long Pixie

For a perfect long pixie, you should have longer hair at the crown, and soft and wispy back and side pieces. The sexy long pixie haircut works very well for fine or medium textures, because coarse, curly or thick hair will look too puffy. This hairstyle is recommended for those with heart or oval-shaped faces.

Mid-length Layers Mid-length Layers Picture
  • Mid-length Layers

To get beautiful mid-length layers, ask your stylist for strong layers that start at the cheekbones. This hot haircut goes very well if you have fine hair and you don`t want to go too short.