The Best Short Layered Haircuts of 2013

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

A woman’s beauty has always been defined according to certain standards imposed by the society. However, these standards have changed a lot over the past decades and they are far from what they used to be. For starters, long hair is no longer considered to be a symbol of beauty. It is merely a choice and there are no rules that say that women with short hair can’t look stunning. On the contrary, according to the latest trends, short layered haircuts are not only practical and easy to care for but they are also very fashionable. Lets see what are the most popular short haircuts this year.

The Best Short Layered Haircuts of 2013 The Best Short Layered Haircuts of 2013 Pictures
  • Short and medium layered bobs

The bob is probably one of the most stylish haircuts for both short and medium hair and if it is properly layered it can also be very easy to style. The great thing about such a haircut is that you don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror in order to style it. You just need some quality hair products and the hair will practically style itself. The best short layered haircuts must match the shape of the head as well as the texture of the hair. If your hair is bellow the ears and above the shoulder line you can choose to tapper the layered bob above the chin. It is great for framing a long face. If your hair is naturally curly don’t try to straighten it. Use a curling hair product and go for a messy looking bob. If you want bob with more personality you can choose a choppy layered bob with rich, full bangs. You can also choose a razor cut bob with shorter hair at the back.

The Best Short Layered Haircuts of 2013 The Best Short Layered Haircuts of 2013 Pictures
  • Layered Pixie cut

As far as short layered haircuts go, the pixie crop is still one of the most popular hairstyles. Despite being a very daring haircut, the pixie cut can also be very feminine. It is constantly being reinvented by numerous celebrities. The latest star to fall in love with this haircut is Miley Cirus who has given up her long hair in order to get rid of her innocent image. Layered pixie crops are perfect for her new rebel look but this type of hairstyle would also work for older women who want to look younger.

  • Types of layers

The great thing about layers is that they can turn a simple haircut into a fabulous one. If you have curly hair you can choose to layer your hair according to the shape of your curls in order to make the hair easier to style. If you want to make your head look rounder you can choose convex, disconnected layers combined with full bangs. If you want to allow your hair to move and feel lighter you can choose very short layers. No matter what type of layers suit your face, make sure that you pick the right products for styling it.