Short and Long Layered Haircuts

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

If you are among the women with thin, fine hair and you want to add more volume to your hair, you should definitely try one of the short or medium layered haircuts. You should know that the first advantage of layered hairstyles is that they give more volume and texture to hair. These haircuts are among the most elegant and popular hairstyles, these days. As the name implies, they refer to cutting hair into many layers and you should find out that, unlike other haircuts, these hairstyles require frequent trimmings, in order for the hair to keep its shape and volume. The layered haircuts are great for women with straight and thin hair, as well as for those who have wavy or curly hair. However, women who have thick hair and don’t need extra volume can opt for long layered haircuts, which keep hair long and shape it beautifully.

Short and Long Layered Haircuts Short and Long Layered Haircuts Pictures

If you have straight, long hair and you want to try a new haircut and you don’t know precisely what to choose, then maybe you will like to try a layered haircut which keeps your hair long somewhere between cheek and shoulder. The medium haircuts are great, especially for women with long hair who need to get rid of slip roots and give their hair a fresh, new cut which should also provide it a new shape.

Short and Long Layered Haircuts Short and Long Layered Haircuts Pictures

Most business women are known to have less time in applying makeup or styling their hair in the morning, which is why they choose medium or short hairstyles which are quite easy to style and maintain during day. The long bob style is one such hairstyle, that hard working ladies seem to prefer over other options they have in styling their hair. Moreover, the long bob styles can be cut in layers or asymmetrical cuts that make very trendy and fashionable hairdos.

On the other hand, if you are fond of long hair and you don’t want to change its length, but you want to add an element of interest to it, you should know that the simplest way of doing so is to have a long or short bang swept to one side. Actually, you can cut bangs to both sides of your head, or even choose to have a front bang just above the eyebrows. Lately, many young ladies seem to prefer having their hair cut into sleek bob styles which keep a long asymmetrical bang swept to one side of the head.

The great thing about the layered haircuts is that they can be adjusted to fit every face shape and hair texture women have.