Secrets of Medium Layered Haircuts

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Medium hair is the most difficult hair to style. Unlike short hair you can’t just rub it with some hair product and expect it to look amazing. And you can’t just comb it into place like long hair. Medium hair requires that you spend a lot of time in the mirror in order to make it look good. However, if you choose a good hairstyle you could make it a lot easier to style. Next, we are going to present you with a few ideas for medium hair.

Secrets of Medium Layered Haircuts Secrets of Medium Layered Haircuts Pictures
  • Layers and more layers

In order for medium hair to be easy to style you have to layer it properly. There are countless medium layered haircuts that you can choose from but you have to make sure that they match the shape of your head as well as the texture of your hair. For example if you have curly hair you need to pick some medium layers in order for the curls to style themselves. If you want to add some volume to your hair you need some medium to short layers. Side bangs and layers are great for framing the shape of your face and for softening the features. If you have thin hair, you should only ask your stylist for a few layers in order to add volume without making the hair look thinner. If you have a long, oval face shape you need to avoid center parts. On the other hand, square faces should avoid angular and linear haircuts.

  • Accents of color

As we mentioned above, medium layered haircuts are great for framing the face but if you want to look even more stylish you should also go for a few accents of color. For example, if you choose a deep red hair color you can also add a few copper highlights in order to create movement and depth. If you choose a blonde hair color you can add a few platinum highlights in order to break up the color for dimension.

  • The chop

As far as medium layered haircuts go, the chop is probably the most popular haircut. It is a shoulder length haircut with long layers that add movement and depth. It is perfect for women who are sick of long hair but are not ready to commit to a pixie cut yet. Furthermore, according to various hairstylist, the shoulder length is the most flattering hair length for all women. Long hair doesn’t usually work for women with long faces because it accentuates the length of the face. If the hair is curly, it can be very hard to control when it is long and wavy long hair can look unkempt. On the other hand, medium hair is great for framing the face and it works great for any age. Add some layers and bangs and you got yourself a very stylish haircut.