Romantic ribbon hairdos: three suggestions worth remembering

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

You should know that you are not the only one thinking that your hair is also the biggest treasure you have. The truth is that a great hairdo can make a huge difference, especially if you are thinking to attend an event. One of the trends this year, manifesting itself both in fashion and hair and make-up is being romantic. Women are now reminded just how important it is to be delicate, to be themselves and to show the world that they are feminine after all. If you happen to know a few floristry ribbons UK providers, you have three perfectly good reasons you should definitely contact them and get your hands on some of the bows they are offering. Wondering why? Here is what you can so with them.

Romantic ribbon hairdos- three suggestions worth remembering

The lovely ponytail


This is an everlasting hairdo. It is the kind of detail that makes any outfit a bit more feminine. Even if you were wearing a man’s suit a ponytail perfectly complete with a simple ribbon will offer you that delicate appearance you are craving for. It is very simple to create this hairdo, as really all you have to do is tie your hair with a simple, thin hair band that can go unnoticed and add the bow on top of it. Simple and elegant, that’s what the ponytail stands for.


The messy ribbon hair loop


A few years back, everyone was wearing a loop of hair that was not exactly done with care. In fact some might even call it messy and chaotic. However, the loop itself was studied in great detail and whoever wore it could spend a long time looking in the mirror to create it. You start from a ponytail, made with a thin hairband, then rotate the tail and use a few pins to fix the hair loop. That’s it. You might not get it right the first time, but keep trying, as you will succeed. Add a beautiful ribbon to increase the femininity associated to this hair loop.


The braided tail


This is one of the most romantic hairdos there are. It is a great choice for your everyday outfits, but simply by adding a ribbon it turns into an amazing hairdo elegant, delicate and feminine. There are several video tutorials you can use to discover how to make the braided ponytail fast and easy. Purchase a few ribbons and see how a simple hairdo instantly gains style and elegance.