Pixie Haircut

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Women simply adore changing their look, they like going to the hair dresses and playing with their look. They love pampering themselves so much that these days trips to the salon is recognized as great Christmas gifts for mom. Nowadays, women have innumerable haircuts to choose from, in order to look feminine and sexy and if you think that a very short crop is not something to advantage a woman’s sensuality, maybe you will have to think twice. These days, many women who have a busy lifestyle or simply want to step out from the crowd adopt very short hairstyles, which can look adorable on them. Of course, there are a few important things every woman should consider, prior to visiting the hairdresser and cutting her hair. For instance, your face shape and hair texture are very important aspects that indicate whether a certain haircut works for you or not.

Pixie Haircut Pixie Haircut Pictures

Moreover, you need to consider the time you can invest in maintaining the haircut you choose for you to wear. Luckily, the short and very short haircuts come as solutions to all problems concerning hair texture, face shape or haircut maintenance. You should know that the pixie haircut is very popular among busy women, as well as among young ladies who want to have all eyes on them, once they step out their houses. This hairstyle is highly appreciated thanks to the fact that it requires only a few minutes to style in the morning. Moreover, it is a versatile haircut which can be adjusted according to facial features and hair texture.

Pixie Haircut Pixie Haircut Pictures

If you want to get your hair cut into a pixie style, there are a few things you need to consider, prior to visiting your hairstylist. For instance, if you have a round face, you can pick whatever pixie haircut you like more, from a very short crop to a pixie style which keeps hair very short on the sides of the head and longer on the top. If you are among the women with curly or wavy hair, you can try the boyish pixie hairstyle, or you can keep your top hair longer in one-sided bang. A square-shaped face requires more attention, when selecting for a pixie haircut and ideal is the straight and sleek pixie style. This haircut needs hair to be longer both on the sides of the head and top, in order to enhance facial features and hide big foreheads.

Pixie Haircut Pixie Haircut Pictures

If you don’t like the boyish style and you want to keep hair longer, you can opt to have your hair longer one side of the head and shorter the other side. Moreover, the asymmetrical crops in pixie-styles also bring a touch of modernity to women’s haircuts. The asymmetrical cuts are ideal for those who have straight and thin, fine hair and want to adopt a short haircut which can also give more volume to their hair.

These type of haircuts can be styled in order to work with any outfit. We have even seen some fabulous looking brides who were sporting sexy pixie haircuts. We bet that saved them a lot of problems when planning their complete wedding checklist. Short hairstyles are a lot easier to style and for a bride that means less worries. Therefore, if you are planning your wedding and you want to have an nonconformist look, you might want to include a visit to the hair salon in your complete wedding checklist. Just make sure that this type of hairstyle will complement your face. Also, for all individuals out there looking for great Christmas gifts for mom or interested in surprising the feminine figures in their lives, haircuts are real alternatives, especially since they are done by real specialists!