Most wanted short haircuts

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

If you want to have a short haircut then, these are the most wanted short haircuts that celebrities have and you can choose one of them:

  • Classic

            The first of the most wanted styles for short hair is the classical look. The Emma Watson’s pixie is a great choice for a straight hair even if it’s fine or thick, and it’s adjustable to any face. Tell your hairstylist to cut the bangs with the scissors to create make them separated and also have your layers cut to the shape of your head. When it comes to short female haircuts that turn heads, Emma is definitely at the top of the list, because her transformation was one of the most surprising and successful transitions to womanhood and sensuousness. Her style is elegant yet unpretentious, so any girl can try to emulate it.

A great tip is to cut your hair as long as it makes your bone structure look good. If you’re having a square or oval face then add bangs and if you’re round or heart shaped cut layers.

  • Soft

            As you can see Halle Berry has a modernized version of a pixie that you can choose if you have a wavy, curly or coarse hair.  When you choose a close-cropped style you have to be sure that the cut will be soft to keep it feminine, without straight lines or sharp angles.

  • Rockerish

            Rachel Woods has her hair cut above her ears, and of course the layers chopped. It you want to have a hair style like that then you should have your hair cut squarely at the sides and back. The layers should be razored on top, and use some wax to soften the look. It’s one of the greatest styles for short hair.

  • Shaggy

            Ashlee Simpson has a shaggy hairstyle – layered pixie cut to the shape of head, with longer locks at the forehead, sides and nape of the neck. If you have a long face, or a square one, and your hair wavy and curled don’t try this type of haircut. A tip to keep this style for short hair nice is to go more often to the hairstylist.

  • Grown up

            Vanessa’s Hudgens’s hair style is ideal for a round face, a normal thick hair that hasn’t have curls. If you choose from all the styles for short hair this one, you have to know that you will have to make a lot of visits to the salon to remake it, because when the hair grows it will look awful. Think about the amount of styling and if you agree doing it when you want to get a short haircut

  • Rounded

            Cate Blanchett’s style is similar with Vanessa’s Hudgens’s but with a little bit more inches. If you have a round face, don’t choose this type of hair cut because it will accentuate your shape.

So if you like one from the most wanted short haircuts then take the picture and go to the hairstylist.