Long bob hairstyles

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

This year the long bob hairstyles are in vogue. All the models wear it on the stage and all celebrities chose it from many other haircuts and hairstyles.

One of the teen celebrities, Selena Gomez wears one of the long bob hairstyles and became a model for all the other teenager girls all over the world. This is one of the long bob hairstyles with a straight cut and a length below the collar bone. On the forehead Selena Gomez’s haircut has bangs that give her an irresistible look even she has a small and round face. Actually, that’s the main role of the long bob hairstyles, to highlight the most beautiful characteristics of your face.

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity that chosen one of the long bob hairstyles in graduated layers to highlight her amazing facial features. Also, she chose to add some streaks and to the side some swept bangs to make her long bob haircut look greater than it is. This is one of the long bob hairstyles with the lowest layers bellow the collar bone and the shortest layers right above the ears. She chose to add some color to her haircut by tainting her roots with jet black and also applied some dirt strawberry blonde low light to some of the layers. This is one of the long bob hairstyles that you can wear it like Jennifer Aniston in a messy style that will look great at a formal event or also a casual look.

Another way to wear the long bob hairstyles is like the pop queen Rihanna does: angle long bob with front flicks that highlight her collar bones and at the back the ends doesn’t touch her nape.  Her hair color is a natural beauty: jet black color like African Americans have. And this makes her haircut look greater.

When it comes for choosing one of the long bob hairstyles don’t forget to talk to your hairstylist because he may recommend some cute short haircuts.. I know that you’ve seen that all the celebrities choose to wear it this year but watch out to highlight your best facial features. Don’t be afraid to mix different types of long bob hairstyles and also colors to make your haircut unique. In 2012 everybody wants to wear bob haircuts so you can try it too. Be brave, make a change and don’t worry about it, I’m sure that it will look great on you!