How to thin hair

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Human being are known for their desire to always look good, clean, fresh and ready for any impediment. Still, nature always beats us when dealing with her, but we could actually be with a step in front of her. For this task to be completely accomplished, here are some tips for anyone of you who wish to thin their hair after having it grown back to normal:

How to thin hair How to thin hair pictures

Women are the ones who usually do take advantage of this method, for various reasons: some of them don’t want to go for an inch of haircut back to the salon, not only because of the money they spend on it, but also because the stylists are likely to cut more than the dimension desired by the client. So, in order to avoid anything bad from happening to your hair, you can start thinning it by your own. The things you are going to use can be found anywhere: mirror, razor, scissors and a towel.

First thing you need to do is to determinate which sections of your hair are you going to cut off. In this case, separate your hair and be careful not to mess with the one which has to be left untouched. Be sure you have a mirror in front of you – even if you think you have everything under control, it is better to have a imagine of yourself doing something at your hair in front of you. If it is your first time, the best ting you should do is to take a section of your hair where you can experiment the first cut, so that you will get a little less nervous. Then, take a razor and position its sharp edge along the hair’s length right above. Next, start at a contact point with the razor on the hair at about one-third to one-halt the distance from the scalp. Nevertheless, run the razor in fast repetitive motions toward the ends of the hair, while letting your hair fall from the hand meanwhile the action is done.

By doing this way you will get the outcome expected, as well as the dimension of your hair wanted. Also, be sure to wash your hair and dry it after the process is over, so that your new appearance and smile will be the ones to speak for yourself when meeting your friends or you future beloved half!