How to stand out this summer with these haircuts

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Summer is the perfect time to try a new coiffure and make a statement. High summer temperatures are a solid reason for which you should definitely trim your hair. Thinking about cutting off your locks? This season you can totally pull off any look, it just takes some courage. While some trends make a comeback, other styles are here to stay for a long time. In order to get yourself noticed, you should try a haircut Ottawa in order to revitalize your look.

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Get a fringe

Stylists claim that a 70s inspired fringe is the best solution for women who want to make a change in their appearance and at the same time maintain their original coiffure. A fringe is suitable for any face shape and will highlight the jaw line. It is best to wear your bangs in thick layers. An asymmetric fringe will give anyone an extra edge.

Long bob

The classic bob is a very easy to maintain style, which explains its growing popularity. The long bob is short at the back and long in front, just long enough to hit the collar bone. Front ends are given a lot of texture in order to smooth the look. This coiffure is ideal for women who have straight hair. The bob too can be worn with bangs.

Pixie cut

Both stylish and functional, the classic summer time pixie is a daring choice. A pixie cut represents the touch of androgyny to a feminine appearance. Everyone can pull off this look, either choosing to shave it on the sides and give it a messy look, which will make a contrast between layers, or leave enough length on top for a softer look.

Long layers

Extensions are out this season. The look on the runways is all about long, soft layers. Women should ask their stylists to give them faint blended layers, also maintaining the rich texture. For more effect, the cutting should start from the cheekbone in order to emphasize your shape and natural features. Long hair is also worn as straight as possible or slightly curled just to add a wavy effect.

Punk rock

This approach is not for conservative persons. If you want to go crazy, you can try some drastic cuts such as spiky cuts, as long as you do not go too far. It is recommended to consult with your stylist.

To conclude, changing your coiffure can be a bold statement, but a summer look needs to be versatile as well. The hairstyle will match your skin, flatter your angles and bring out the colors of your eyes. What is hot today will be outdated tomorrow, so do not cling on to your outdated look.