How to Have Healthy Hair

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

The premise for a healthy hair is a balanced, nutritious diet. But what should you do in order to benefit of the great advantages of a shiny hair? Below you can find out some useful information about how to have healthy hair!

How to Have Healthy Hair How to Have Healthy Hair Picture
  • Drink water

Up to 20% of the weight of a strand of hair is made of water. Ensure you drink plenty of fluids, because moisture provides a supple hair. Don`t drink water only when you are thirsty, but on a regular basis. When you are already thirsty, this means the water supply of your body is already too low, so you are given the sign to fill up the tank as soon as possible. It is ideal to drink between eight and ten glasses of water per day in order to efficiently hydrate your body. Remember that water also helps in having a healthy hair that shines.

  • Include protein in your diet

The building block of hair is provided by protein, so make sure your diet for a healthy hair includes a lot of protein. Protein makes your hair stronger while reducing the possibility of splitting or snapping. The foods that contain protein are milk, cheese, cereals, fish and meat.

  • Eat foods rich in minerals

The most important minerals for a healthy hair are iron, zinc and copper. Iron carries oxygen to the hair, so without this vital mineral, your follicles will get no oxygen and will be weakened. Increase your iron intake by including in your diet red meat, dark green vegetables or iron supplements.

Zinc prevents hair loss, so eat foods high in zinc such as seafood and meat. Copper is responsible for the pigmentation of hair. In consequence, so that you have a healthy hair, include in your diet shellfish, liver, nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables and meat, as they are all high in copper.

  • Ensure the right vitamins

The best vitamins for a healthy hair are vitamins A, B and C. Vitamin A works miracles for the skin, so it will make your scalp healthier. Vegetables, especially carrots, are great sources of vitamin A. On the other hand, Vitamin B and C helps good circulation, hair color and hair growth, making your strands of hair suppler and stronger. The vitamins can be found in foods such as vegetable, fruit, cereals, bread, eggs and milk.

Now that you know how to have healthy hair, adjust your diet and enjoy its wonderful results!