How to Get a Hipster Haircut

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Hipster refers to a subculture of older teenagers and young, urban adults that appeared in the 90s and became extremely popular in the 2010s. The hipster subculture is inspired by movements in the 40s and is associated with alternative and indie music, vintage clothing, an alternative lifestyle and independent or progressive political views. The hipster haircut currently the most trendy and fashionable new looks.

How to Get a Hipster Haircut Picture How to Get a Hipster Haircut Picture

The hipster haircut is an edgy blend of modern technique and a taste of the 50s. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and suits almost any face type and hair texture. Moreover, it is easy to style and can look either office appropriate or playful. Hipster hair fits a wide variety of lifestyles, because they are a good look. Being part of this subculture that promotes originality instead of conformism allows you to add your personal touch to your style. Carelessness is the essence of the movement, so give up carefully arranged hair that is difficult to style and try an authentic hairstyle. However, hair alone will not make you a hipster. If you want something new and refreshing, give the hipster haircut a try.

How to Get a Hipster Haircut Picture How to Get a Hipster Haircut Picture

Cutting your hair

Hipster haircut work for both men and women. The style varies a lot, but the standard hipter haircut is a short, flat graduation, with short sides cut with clippers and a significantly large top section. This cut forms something that is usually called a texturized quiff in combination with a point-cutting choppy look. The trick is to build volume and lift the hair from the roots to allow it to be styles properly. Make sure you go to a professional with a steady hand to avoid any mistakes. Ask for a standard hipster style and choose your desired length. A great thing about the hipster hairstyle is that it can be varied to express your personality and uniqueness.

How to style it

Once the hair is cut into the desired shape, you will notice that it looks presentable without any effort. Moreover, the hipster haircut offers you plenty of styling possibilities. A great idea is to spike the top section up if you have chosen a shorter variant, or to style it back, flick it to the side, bring it to the front or mess it up with wax. Nevertheless, the best styling product is pomade, as it adds shine, texture and enough hold to allow you to shape it as you please. To keep the style neat, apply it on your hair with your fingers and shape it. You can also use a light spray to give it weather resistance and additional hold.

How to Get a Hipster Haircut Picture How to Get a Hipster Haircut Picture


You will just need a hair dryer, volumizing pomade and wax or clay if you are aiming for a messy look. Wash your hair, towel-dry it and apply the pomade by rubbing it between your palms. Guide the hair into position with your fingers and if you want a polish look just use a comb.

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