Hot-Oil Treatments

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

A good hair care habit for your hair should be hot oil treatments because they help your hair look shinny and healthy in less than half an hour. This is also a good hair care treatment if you tend to use heat styling on a regular basis, if you dye your hair often or if you use a lot of chemical products. If you have that certain hair style which demands constant styling this is just what you need to keep you hair looking healthy. For this hair care treatment you have a lot of options: you can buy it from a store or drugstore and apply it at home, prepare it at home and also apply it at home and last but not least go to a beauty salon.

Hot-Oil Treatments Hot-Oil Treatments Picture

Hot Oil products which you can buy

There are a lot of hot oil hair treatments which you can buy from the store or drugstore. You will find them in three up to five use kits on a price ranging between 3 $ to 20 $. The basic ingredients which are in this kits are: essential oils and natural oil: olive oil, jasmine, jojoba and coconut oil. The way you apply the hot oil treatment is almost the same to all products, you heat the oil by placing the bottle of oil in warm water after which you apply the oil on your hair.

The key to this hair care treatment is to massage the oil into your hair so it can cover the whole hair. After you have finished massaging your hair you wrap it in a warm towel and wait as much as the instructions say. The medium amount of time is thirty minutes but some product claim to give the same result in five or less minutes. Once the time is up you can wash your hair as you normally would. Some people who have this hair care treatment done use a mild shampoo.

You can also make hot oil treatments at home you just need to have right ingredients. Fortunately the ingredients you need are in your home, all you need is some olive oil and canola oil. Mix them up and worm the blend in the microwave. After that apply the oil to the hair and make sure you cover every thread. Wrap your hair with a warm towel or a shower cap and leave the oil on about thirty minutes. When the time is up wash you hair with a gentle shampoo.