Holiday party ideas

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Complete your look with the best holiday party ideas for your hairstyle. Dare to make a statement and a fashionable appearance by choose one of the great hairstyles below.

Down soft and shiny Down soft and shiny picture
  • Down soft and shiny

If you want a down soft and shiny look, start by separating your hair into three-inch sections. Achieve a smooth blowout a bit curled at the ends by using a round brush. Make a deep side part and throw all your hair to one side, as it will evolve throughout the night. Apply a silicone-based shine serum to the ends. Spray from far away so that it barely makes your hair sparkle.

Rumpled Texture Rumpled Texture Picture
  • Rumpled texture

If you want a distinctive look, go for rumpled texture, another great holiday party idea. Flip your hair over and blast the roots with a volumizing product. After your hair is as big as it can get, wrap random sections (not the ends) around a curling iron and shake it all out. The curling iron should have one-and-a-half-inch barrel. To finish, use a light-hold hair spray.

Side-parted flip Side-parted flip picture
  • Side-parted flip

Create a beautiful side-parted flip by following some simple steps. Apply mousse to your wet hair and blow it dry. Once completely dry, set your hair with medium-size hot rollers, starting from the ends to the scalp. Take the rollers out when they are cool and create a deep side part. Use your finger to separate the curls so that they look not pierce, but not too done either. Finish with a light finishing spray.

Sexy starlet waves Sexy starlet waves picture
  • Sexy starlet waves

One of the best holiday party ideas, the sexy starlet waves are sexy and sensual. Once you have sprayed two-inch sections of your hair with a light-hold spray, wrap each section around one-and-a-quarter-inch curling iron and pin each rolled section into place. After you have finished setting all the hair, let the section cool then remove the pins. Brush it into place with a nylon and boar bristle brush then let it fall into gorgeous cascading waves. Finish with a shine spray.

Smooth, sleek shine Smooth, sleek shine picture
  • Smooth, sleek shine

If you are looking for a holiday party idea for short hair, try this smooth, sleek shine look. Use a paddle brush to create a smooth blowout. Make your hair look sleek by running a flatiron over it. When your hair is straight, part it on the side. Tuck the front sections behind your ears, secure with bobby pins then the hair on the top hang over it.

Vintage volume Vintage volume picture
  • Vintage volume

The vintage style can be one of the best holiday party ideas. Create a deep side part and apply mousse. Blow-dry your hair using a small round brush then pin-curl small sections and set all your hair with volumizing hair spray. Let it cool for about five minutes then brush out your curls with a soft boar-bristle brush. Gently mold hair to create a classic soft wave and finish with a shot of hair spray.