Help your mother prepare for her daughter’s wedding

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle


Planning your own wedding is not something easy to do, especially with all the decisions you have to make. Although you have an event planner, in the end you are the one who makes all the choices, because everything must look exactly as you imagined. The venue, the dress, de theme, the music and the menu are probably your priorities at the moment. However, in spite of all these, there is something you should not neglect: the event is also extremely important for your parents, your mother in particular. So although you have a lot on your plate right now, try to do your best to ease things up for her and help her get ready for the big day. She will definitely appreciate that you are taking the time to do this, not to mention that this way you show her your unconditional support and gratitude for all the moments when she stood by you. In order to streamline the entire preparation process, make sure you do everything together. Here are some things you could do to prove her how much she matters to you:

Help your mother prepare for her daughter's wedding

Help her choose the attire

Normally, when it comes to guests’ clothes, there is no protocol in terms of colours or style, as long as everyone is informed about the theme of the wedding and the degree of formality. However, since we are speaking about your mother, one of the most important participants at the ceremony, her attire has to be chosen carefully. It is true that white or light hues should be avoided, but if you and your mom make the perfect team, she will definitely look amazing standing right next to you and wearing a white gown. Fortunately, there are plenty of stores offering mother of the bride dresses for weddings, so there should be no problem. Take time to go shopping with your mom, give her advice and try to pick something that matches the theme and chromatics of the wedding.


Pick the perfect hairstyle

Besides the outfit, another important element that completes the looks of your mother is her hairstyle. The choice should also be made in accordance to the time, place and theme of the event. For this reason, you are the one who can provide precious pieces of advice and suggestions. Ask her what she was thinking about, tell her how you imagined her looking and take her to a professional hair stylist. They will definitely have the right inputs and styling ideas.


Give her some tasks

Believe it or not, taking into consideration that she has taken care of you your entire life, your mother will be happy to help you with anything, one more time. Your wedding is probably the moment when she realises you are no longer her baby, but it is comforting for her to know that no matter what, she is the one you go to in case you need anything. So try to keep her up to date with any detail and give her some simple tasks.