Haircuts for long faces

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

When you are opting for long faces haircuts you should know how to choose the right length. A long falling to your waistline is not so good looking and also neither a too short cropped cut. The haircuts for long faces chosen right should create an illusion of with to balance the length with your width. For example, if you want to choose a bob cut and you have a long face, make the cut falling to your chin. A really good hair cut for long faces is created by the jagged bangs.

An advice for making the haircuts for long faces original is to keep the length of the hair to your shoulders, keep it straight and make a side partition with it. Curls are some of the best for long faces haircuts because is giving you a hip touch. Another hair cut for long faces that looks perfect is the pixie cut because is giving width to your face and reduces its length. Women with wavy hair and long faces can do a side partition and get some layers to their hair because reduces the length and matches perfectly with the width of your face.

Some great long faces haircuts that are perfect for long hair too are the ones that have waves which caress your face to your jaw line and all the way to your collarbone. Wild waves left flow naturally in front and on the shoulders are creating another cute way to wear your long hair if you have a long face. If you have a long face, avoid all the haircuts that give you volume to the top or at your crown, and don’t even think to make yourself puffs at back by combing.

Before you choose between haircuts for long faces consult a hairstylist and decide together what it’s best for you depending on the hair texture. Every woman has a different type of hair from silky hair to frizzy hair or wavy hair. So when you want to try one of the long faces haircuts don’t forget to consider what type o haircut will match your long face, and of course how will your hair will look greater and what type of cut from all the haircuts for long face will give it some texture. Don’t be shy, and ask your hairstylist, the advice will make it easier for you to decide which hair cut for long faces is more appropriate to you.