Hair Styling Ideas for a Sexy Look

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

It is time to leave behind plain locks, as we are about to give your some top hair styling ideas for a sexy look. Be creative and put your sculpting skills into practice by handling the essential tools and products that will update your look.

Hair Styling Ideas for a Sexy Look Hair Styling Ideas for a Sexy Look Picture
  • Blunt Cuts

Layers are among most desired styles, but having the same haircut for years can lead to boredom. The solution: experiment the hottest sharp angles for your hair. Ask your hairdresser for a blunt hairstyle completed with the right fringe design that best suits your face shape. This hair styling will provide you volume boost and definition.

  • Flipped bangs

If you like retro-chic inspired looks, define your hair with flipped bangs. For creating some sexy flipped bangs, use a round brush, wrap your locks around it, then finish with some hair spray for a long-lasting hold.

  • Pixie

For a pixie hairstyle, use the following trick. After you have applied a little amount of styling clay or cream on the damp hair, pull it forward and separate the strands with your fingers. Let it air-dry and you will have a sexy hair styling.

  • Ribbon Braids

Skip the classic braiding techniques and use colorful and neutral toned ribbons. Your romantic hairdo will be wonderfully completed with a hair accessory in a vivid color. If you want to opt for a more delicate look, go for black, white or creamy colored hair ribbons. Tie the ribbon at the base of your neck and incorporate it delicately incorporate it into the pleats.

  • Boho Waves

To create beautiful boho waves, follow the next steps. Apply some styling cream on your damp locks, separate your hair into 5-6 sections then twist them until you get a small bun. Secure the hair with a bobby pin or clip and when the locks are completely dry, remove the pins. Finish your look by shaking the strands and separate the waves with your fingers.