Hair styles for women over 50

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

During the history, women had to obey several rules created by the society they were living in. one of them refers to the way they were allowed to look after turning 30. It was already known that a woman in that condition should have a certain aspect. Unfortunately, in that time almost anyone could not do anything in order to protect the women from this stereotypical mentality.

One of the rules I refer to is that after turning 30, women and particularly mothers (at that age almost every woman was supposed to be married and have children) had to wear rigidly-styled clothes and have short hair-cuts. Now it seems to be a stupid fact, but in the past it mattered a lot. It could influence your image in front of your neighbors, friends, relatives and everyone you got in touch and it could harm you and your family a lot.

However, as time went by, things changed and this is why nowadays even the old women are more sophisticated than the younger ones. Maybe the reason is that they try to take back the years in which they could not pay enough attention to their look.

We are going to give you some pieces of advice concerning the hair styles for women over 50. We tried to push the limit a little bit more and moved quickly from the age of 30 to 50. As a women that lived more than half of a century, we suggest you to choose your hair style depending on the shape of your face, your hair texture and your personality. Make sure you feel comfortable with yourself and take into account the fact that as you get older, your hair goes through several changes. The post-menopausal substances that affect your body have a negative fingerprint on your hair.

The layers also play a significant role. You should have them back and upward and avoid having your hair done like this downward. It will make you look prettier and people will like you more. Even though at first you will be tempted to have your hair poring on your face, the hair stylists think that it would be better to cut the front part shorter as it covers your facial traits. A nice color will also make you look more beautiful and if you use a round brush the effect will impress you and the others in a positive manner!

You can even be as daring as to try some red hair color ideas, even if you think it would make you ridiculous. Nothing could be further from the truth, because red is a mature and feminine color, so choosing one of the red hair color ideas which are available to you could give you that change you were looking for. The nuance doesn’t have to be that strident, but rather you can go for warmer colors with orange tints.