Hair Loss in Men and Women

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Hair loss has different causes in men and women which means that the treatments for hair loss are also different. You should not panic if you lose some hair during the day because it is normal, according to scientific studies it is normal to lose about 150 hairs daily. There are three stages which are part of the hair growth process: there’s the anagen phase which involves growing hair, then there’s the gatagen stage which is a short transition between the anagen and teologen when the hair begins to deteriorate and the last phase which is the teologen one when the hair enters a resting period.

Hair loss women Hair loss women picture

People who experience hair loss most of the time inherit it. It is not true what it is told about the cause of hair lost, that it is the result of an illness or a poor diet, this problem is genetic. Most men and women who are predisposed to hair loss start experiencing it at about 30 years when the thinning process starts. The process can start earlier due to the following factors: a drastic change in diet, great stress big hormonal changes like pregnancy.

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Other health conditions can influence the process of hair loss. For instance if you have a problem with your thyroid or if you have anemia they will influence your problem. If you are afraid that other medical issues can influence you condition you should go an talk to a dermatologist. He is the one who ca help you because he is specialized in skin and hair conditions. If you go to the doctor he will do a scalp biopsy and find out what is the cause.

There are some pills which say that they cause hair loss but that does not mean that because of them you have started to lose your hair. The most common condition which actually causes hair loss because of the medical treatment is cancer. Because of the very powerful pills which the patient has to take and the chemotherapy he will lose most of its hair but it will grow back. The medium period of recovering your hair after you have had cancer is between 6 and 12 months.

If you have problems with you hair you should go to a doctor and get a treatment. Although hair loss is genetic there are treatments which can help you stop this process and get your hair back.