Hair Ideas for 2012

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

This year, be creative and dare to play with your hair! Check out some great hair ideas for 2012 and put them into practice so that you can make a beautiful appearance.

Bad Girl Blowout Bad Girl Blowout Picture
  • Bad-girl Blowout

Add volume in order to give your blowout an edge. Comb a volumizing mouse through wet hair. Blow-dry your hair upside down and use your fingers to rake though the strands. While the hair is still warm, flip your head upright, part it in the middle, then wrap two-inch sections around medium-size Velcro rollers. Leave the rollers for ten minutes, then take them out and spray dry shampoo from the ears down in order to achieve a rough finish.

Lacy Chignon Lacy Chignon Picture
  • Lacy Chignon

If you are looking for distinctive hair ideas, a lacy chignon can be a great option. Start by combing a thickening lotion through damp hair from mid-shaft to ends, then blow it dry using a round brush. After you have gathered our hair into a side ponytail, back-comb it to add volume. Use pins and secure your hair in a bun. Put a long piece of lace at the hairline and tie it around the elastic. Fold one end of the lace over the bun and pin it underneath with bobby pins. Finish by cutting off any excess lace.

French Twist French Twist Picture
  • French Twist

Easy to make, a French twist is always an elegant hair ideas. Set the top layer of your hair in pin curls and brush them out for achieving voluminous, soft waves. Tease the hair at the crown, gather it at the nape, pull one side taut, and roll the other side over.

Half Full Half Full Picture
  • Half-full

Looking for sexy hair ideas? Try a half-full! Set the hair in large pin curls and remove after ten minute. For volume, tease the roots at the crown. Take a section above the ear, crisscross them at the back of your hair, and secure with pins.

Accessorized Ponytail Accessorized Ponytail Picture
  • Accessorized Ponytail

Hair accessories can really make a difference. Tease the roots at the crown, smooth hair back then secure with an elastic at the nape of the neck. Compliment your ponytail with a beautiful headband placed at one inch back from the hairline.

Accented Bun Accented Bun Picture
  • Accented Bun

Take into consideration an accented bun when searching for hair ideas for 2012. Comb mousse through your hair, then create a center part and pull it all into a low bun. For more versatility, you can also apply texturizer with the mousse. Finish your look with a hair accessory such as a jeweled barette or a vintage broach placed at the center of the bun.