Hair Half Up

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

One of the trendiest look, hair half up can come in a variety of versions. Find out more about hair half up styles and choose the ones that you like the most.

Make Waves Make Waves Picture
  • Make Waves

Get inspired from the hair half up styles created by hairstylist Odile Gilbert for Rodarte`s pastoral-themed collection, as the texture of wheat is gorgeously translated into hair with the side-swept style that includes a tiny braid on one side. To get this look, apply a styling foam through dry hair in order to create texture. As you blow-dry, twist and scrunch your tresses, but stop halfway and spray in some hair spray. Make a strong, rather imperfect part on the left side of your hair while leaving a large section sweeping across your forehead. Gather two-inch pieces from each side of the part into a very small braid over the right eat, then secure the ends with a clear elastic. Pin in place any long pieces and make sure their ends are tucked into the braid. Finish with hair spray. If you’re looking for some simple prom hairstyles, you can definitely try this one, or any of the hairstyles mention bellow. They are ideal for special, elegant occasions, or just events when you don’t want to be either too casual or too elegant. If you want to discover even more inspiring prom hairstyle ideas, visit

Sleek and Sculptural Sleek and Sculptural Picture
  • Sleek and Sculptural

For Giambattista Valli, hairstylist Orlando Pita made half-ponytail off to one side in the back for a surprise element, creating a sleek side part that gives it a “boyish charm”. In order to get this hair half up look, start by blow-drying and flatiron your hair in sections so it laid straight, and place a side part at the arch of the eyebrow. Gather the top half into a slick side ponytail in the back, then secure with an elastic.

Loose and Braided Loose and Braided Picture
  • Loose and Braided

Just like hairstylist James Pecis did for Nanette Lepre collection, stop your tresses halfway to add texture and a soft vibe. Once you have made a deep side part, start a French braid on either side at the hairline. Make sure the braids are not too tightly laced, but also try to keep them close to your head in order to not droop. When you get to the middle of the back of your head, secure them with a clear elastic. Style the bottom of your hair as you want, but make sure the overall feeling is flowly and soft

Wondefully Accessorized Wondefully Accessorized Picture
  • Wondefully Accessorized

Add a romantic touch to your hair half up look by using a delicate headband. Get inspired from the sensual creations of hairstylist Guido made for Nina Ricci. To create a soft texture, use a round brush and smoothing lotion. Create a center part, then take one-inch sections on either side and pin them together in the back. Finish with placing a beautiful headband.

Pump up the volume Pump up the volume Picture
  • Pump up the volume

Make a bold statement and pump up the volume! Coat dry roots with a beach spray, then blow-dry while using your fingers to rough up the texture. Back-comb the top of the hair strongly with a bristle brush, making sure you brush it out to smooth down the top layer so that you can make a middle part that stops an inch parts the hairline. Take the pieces on either side of the part and twist them together at the back of your head. Secure with a few pins and push up the hair at the crown in order to create a small pouf.