Hair extensions cost

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Nowadays hair extensions play a significant role in every girl’s life. Apart from increasing your hair’s volume and length, if provides you with a bright light and an impressive new look. The main advantage of the hair extensions is that they are useful for a particular period of time and as soon as you get bored of them you can stop having them. Also, the hair extensions cost is not so high and almost anyone can use them.

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However, there are some factors involved in choosing the right hair extensions cost, according to your financial resources. In this category we have to mention the type you might be interested in. for example, there are many differences between hair weaves and hair extensions, even though many of us make the mistake of using both of them in our dialogues.

First of all, keep in mind that the hair waves are basically sewed in your own hair. It will be useful to you for the following months and this hair extensions cost is among $100, $500 and $1,000. The last price is specific to the Remy hair, taken from Indian people.

Now, when we are talking about hair extensions, we actually refer to the hair that is sewn in one piece only once. There are around 50 strands that are sewed together using a keratin tip. Imagine the margin of a shoe string in order to make an idea and afterwards they are clumped with cooper or other materials.

This method requests between 100 and 300 extensions and it takes a lot of time. As a result, it will cost more and the look will be more close to the natural one. In my opinion, if you want your hair to look natural, this method is the best one. This hair extensions cost can vary between $300 and $1,200. There are many factors involved in the final cost you have to pay, starting with the quality of the hair (whether it is human or not) and ending up with the salon you prefer to go to.

Another option you have is the clip in. This method allows you to switch your hair style every time you want, whether you want to wear your extensions or not. You will not find these clip ins in a salon and as a result you will have to look for a special store or a a boutique with accessories. No matter your preferences, hair extensions cost vary from one price to another and your wish can be quickly turned into reality by looking for what you want and getting ready for a change!