Easy Steps for Covering Grays

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Grey hair usually betrays your age, so you shouldn’t let it show. There are some easy steps for covering grays, creating volume and flattening thinning hair that will help you have a healthy and young-looking hair.

Easy Steps for Covering Grays Easy Steps for Covering Grays Picture
  • Strengthen weak hair

Aging makes your hair thinner, so you should strengthen it by taking certain supplements such as 1,000 micrograms of biotin, a type of B vitamin, and 500 milligrams of niacin per day. An equilibrate diet also helps you have healthy hair.

  • Crank up the volume

Volume also makes your hair look better, so try a texturizer that suits your type of hair. There are many texturizing sprays that add volume to your hair but they also provide a natural look, without tacky or powdery residue. Teasing also adds volume, so tease the under layers of the lower half of your head then smooth the top layers over them with a paddle brush.

  • Cover gray roots

Gray hair should definitely be hidden, so you should follow some useful tips about how to cover white roots. Do not put roots in full exposure, so avoid knife-sharp parts and slicked-back style such as ponytails. Instead, opt for thicker textures and waxy styles. Still, the best way to deal with gray hair is to periodically color the roots.

  • Add shine

A shiny hair is a healthy hair. Since the best way to make your hair shine is to style it with heat, make sure you do is the right way in order to avoid damaging. Always use a heat-protecting spray. When you use a blow-dryer, ensure you add the nozzle attachment.

  • Preserve the bright color

Every wash makes your hair color lose its original luster, so you should use a shampoos and conditioners which have the pH between 4.5 and 6.

  • Get a flattering cut

When you go to your hairstylist, ask him to give your hair a flattering cut, as its fresh-looking, face-framing layers will bring you a lot of advantages.

  • Follow healthy habits

Try to wash your hair on a daily basis and use shampoos/conditioners labeled with words such as “anti-breakage”, “strengthening,” “renewal” or “restorative”. These products contain a lot of quaternium or cetrimonium chloride which protect and strengthen the hair. Apply a deep-conditioning treatment once a week.