Dos and don’ts when caring for your natural hair wig

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

It is commonly known that human hair wigs can last much longer than those synthetic ones, especially if they are well taken care of. The moment you decide to buy a human natural hair wig, you have to make sure the provider you choose is a professional and reliable one and is willing to provide you with high quality products and one very good example in this situation is Here are some simple dos and don’ts you should consider when it comes to caring for your natural wig.

Dos and don ts when caring for your natural hair wig

Do – wash and condition your wig

Human hair wigs are the most natural looking ones and, although they require somewhat more maintenance, the results are worth it. To make sure the wig stays in great condition, you should pay attention to the way you wash it. Use a gentle shampoo to get rid of impurities, but be careful not to agitate it, because the hairs can become knotted. For added shine and smoothness, continue with hair conditioner. Place the wig on a wig stand and leave it to dry. Avoid direct sunlight and hair dryers, because they can damage it. If you purchased your hairpiece from a reliable provider, there’s no need to wash it prior to wearing it for the first time,

Don’t – be discouraged by the way it looks

The first time you take the wig out of the box and take a closer look at it, you may not like the way it looks like at all. However, it is important not to feel discouraged by its first aspect, since you would have to style it and to arrange it before it is actually ready to wear. You can even go to a hair salon for instance in case you want you wig to be handled by a professional and to make sure it looks amazing.

Do – use hair care products

Although it is just a wig, you should not overlook it and you should still use hair care products such as moisture, oil or spray products, since these can help the wig actually last longer. The key to having perfect human hair wig in perfect condition for as long as possible is to take great care of it. Make sure the hair products you buy are of high quality, because this way you can benefit from the best results.

Don’t – buy the wrong shade of colour for your wig

Choosing the right shade of colour of your wig is quite important, since you have to ensure it matches the colour of your skin and your style. Experts in the domain advise people to select a shade that is darker than what they were initially looking for in case they are not sure on the colour. Keep in mind that hair wigs cannot be lightened, but they can be darkened if necessary. If you’re not sure what colour is right for you, then you can ask your provider for a bespoke consultation.

Overall, these are the dos and don’ts you should take into account when it comes to taking care of your natural hair wig.