Cutting your own hair: was it bravery or naivety?

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

You are sitting here with scissors in one hand and a good amount of hair in the other one wondering: why did I think this was a good idea? You feel guilty because somehow the action of chopping your hair off was quite satisfying and liberating. However, after a few minutes, reality hits you and you start running towards a hair salon so that you get a professional haircut. Obviously, now your hair looks more decent, but the question remains: why did you feel the need of impulsively cutting your hair? In fact, many women across the world do the same thing. Each one of them has different reasons: maybe she played with colors for too long and now she wants a tempered look or she damaged her hair significantly after using too much bleach too often. Maybe she wants a dramatic change that will surprise and impress her friends and family or she just did it without even thinking about the consequences.

Your impulsive action probably interblends bravery and naivety excellently

Some people deal with other problems in their life and see the haircut as a way of discharging that negative energy accumulated inside. This goes beyond the physical appearance because it practically represents a way of mending your soul. Immediately after the action, you feel triumphant, but you are also aware that you will have to call someone who attended beauty school courses and benefits from the right knowledge and experience to give you a striking look. When thinking back at your impulsive action, how do you consider it, an act of bravery or naivety? Well, maybe both taking into account that not everyone has the bravery to chop all her or his hair off with some old scissors found somewhere in a drawer while still thinking that it can pull it off. Those tutorials on YouTube really make people do crazy things. Otherwise, we cannot explain why the average person would strongly believe all of a sudden that she has the skills to give herself a professional haircut.

Assess the condition of your hair and decide if you should visit the hair salon

The thing about cutting your own hair is that once you start using the scissors, there is no turning back. Even if you change your mind during the process, you cannot stop after cutting one side and go to the hair salon with uneven hair. Instead, you keep going in hopes that it will turn out decently and maybe you will not even have to spend money at the salon. After all, you followed every step exactly as the person in the video so nothing can go wrong. The truth is that it all depends on the amount if hair you just cut. For instance, if you already had very long hair and the cut gave you a medium hair look, it might look just fine. However, if you complicated the process by opting for layers and experimenting, then your hair might not be in the best condition and resorting to a professional might become imperative.