Blonde hair color ideas

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

If there is one thing that women really love is beauty and they will stop at nothing in order to improve their appearance. There isn’t a woman in the world who hasn’t experimented with various makeups, hairstyles or nails design. Women are usually the ones who are able to make a huge difference in their appearance, most of all when deciding to play with their own hair. In this case, first thing you should have in mind is the color which you are going to use. As one of the disadvantages of using hair dye is hair damage, the color you choose is ought not to be switched after being applied. Here are some tips for you to get going:

Depending on your skin tone, you should be able to decide if you may go for a lighter shade of blonde or a more toned one. One tip we got for you involves first of all take a look in the mirror and mark if you have a brown or tan skin color; in this case, we advice you to stay away from the lighter shades of blonde and go for the dark ones. Similarly, if you have pale skin with pink undertones, be sure to avoid your choices form the dark ones.

Meanwhile this season you will be able to choose from a variety of majestic combinations shown off by the stylists, such as the honey highlights. Those shades will bring upon your hair beautiful reflexes, which will make it look more natural than artificial colored.

Another tip we have prepared for you involves a little illusion every women may use if they wish to have a thick hair without extensions. If you have fragile hair or just want to have a thicker pony tail, then choose to play with your hair – start combining the lighter shades with the dark ones. This way your hair will look cleaner and softer. You can discover more hair coloring tips by visiting That website is full of hair color ideas and inspiration.

For all of you, who wish to jazz up their dull hair, consider the blonde shades going lighter from the hair root to the tip of the hair – this way your hair will look softer and filler. Use the same structure if you have layers; there is no way you can damage your hair appearance.

The last but not the least tip we got for you concerns the hair with reddish or somewhat other color beside blonde. In this case, you have to be very aware of what your choice may result. You don’t want to look like a clown, nor like a parrot; so, don’t be afraid to change your whole hair into a super blonde majestic masterpiece! Unlike trying out nails design or makeups, changing your hair color is a more challenging and more courageous move. However, if you pick the right color for you, you will never regret the decision of changing your hair color.