Blake Lively Haircut and Hairstyle Secrets

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Many people wonder to achieve the famous Blake Lively haircut. The actress is best known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. Weather she is staring in a movie or walking down the streets of NYC, Blake always looks effortlessly chic. Blake Lively hairstyles are always flawless, even when they look messy. The truth is that few women embody natural beauty better than Lively, and her golden hair is her crown.
Blake Lively Haircut and Hairstyle Secrets Picture Blake Lively Haircut and Hairstyle Secrets Picture

Blake, the face of Gucci’s fragrance Gucci Première stated that she loves to let her hair down and love to have full hair that has certain romanticisms. The Blake Lively haircut and hairstyle is not hard to achieve is you have naturally curly hair. Blake admits to be a wash and go type of girl most of the times. When the hair is released, it has a natural deep wave.

While some women are shy about their hair, some are daring and adventurous. Either way, it is always better to get a stylist’s advice if you want to achieve the Blake Lively haircut and hairstyle. Coloring and cutting your hair at home can turn into a disastrous result. Just ask for long layers throughout with long, side-swept bangs to add movement and bring out your natural waves. If you want to highlight your eyes, cut the bangs just below them. If you want to emphasize your cheekbones, leave them just a little longer.

After you get the Blake Lively haircut, define your waves and add texture by ribbing texture cream into your hair. Let it air-dry and then use some shine spray on your whole head, except your roots. Blake’s hairstyle has lots of volume and shine mainly because she doesn’t have any split ends. Make sure your cut removes all split ends. To help with the overall frizz during the moist summer days, Blake recommends a light, moisturizing oil. Just apply it in damp hair before or after styling.

However, Blake Lively’s number one secret is to remove all split ends. Some tiny snips here and there can keep the style’s shape intact. Trimming the hair regularly is not just about removing damage, but also about maintaining the shape of the Blake Lively haircut. A stylist has something that you don’t: perspective. Avoid cutting your own hair, as you lack the stylist’s ability to pull back and watch the hair move. If you can’t tell if your hair is damaged, braid it and see how many broken bits stick out. Damaged hair will dry out and curve. Split ends are usually hidden and break further up, causing you to lose inches, so make sure you trim regularly.

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