Best Bob Hairstyle

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

There are so many bob hairstyles that you just can`t decide which one to choose. Below you can find the best bob hairstyles for to find the one that suits you best.

Classic bob Classic bob picture
  • Classic

The classic bob makes fine hair look thicker. One golden rule says the thinner the hair, the shorter the bob should be. Make sure you don`t over layer fine hair, because it will look thinner and flatter than it generally is.

Voluminous bob Voluminous bob picture
  • Voluminous

When you want to add body to a classic bob, have short, square layers. This bob hairstyle is perfect if you want to keep your hair shorter than your shoulders, but still have a soft and feminine look. In order to avoid a poufy triangle, for thick, wavy or curly hair, add many choppy layers and cut hair when it is dry.

Graduated bob Graduated bob picture
  • Graduated

One of the best bob hairstyles is the graduated one. Try heavy bags, razored ends and one long piece and your graduated bob can look amazing. If you have a square jaw or a big forehead, you can cut some bangs to downplay it.

Rounded bob Rounded bob picture
  • Rounded

You can get one of the best hairstyles if you have your layers very short in the back and longer toward your face. The shorter pieces will push your hair forward and you will enjoy that curved shape in front. If you have round face or square jaw, this bob should end below your chin, because otherwise they will accentuate these features.

Choppy bob Choppy bob picture
  • Choppy

Try a choppy bob that features short front pieces and long layers chopped into the ends. Great for all textures, this cut will slim a round face, but will let you keep long layers.

Long bob Long bob picture
  • Long

If you prefer long hair, choose a long bob. This bangs and blunt layers of this haircut adds body and go with any hair type, especially the fine one.