Asian haircuts

Written by Cynthia Guerrero. Posted in Hairstyle

Every time we see asian haircuts we see non conformist and strange haircuts but we like them for those exact characteristics. Over the last couple of years asian haircuts have started to become popular in America. The reason why americans have decided to adopt their haircuts is because Japan is the place where modern haircut trends are started as well as fashion trends. These haircuts can be achieved by any women or man because asians have both curly and straight hair. The most popular haircuts are suited for straight hair because the majority of asian people have straigh hair. m

  • Razore shag

Razore shags are very popular in Japan, it is actually one of the trendiest. There is a special technique through which they achieve these razor shags. They are popular among teenagers because it is an edgy hairstyle. Men get their hair cut this way by leaving their hair to a medium length and longer on top. They also cut the ends so that they look tapered. This hairstyle is very versatile because you can leave it like that and it will look like a normal haircut or you can style it and make it look funky.

  • Layers

Women in Asia like to wear a lot of extensions. They like to have their hair long but at the same time they want to get that layered look which they achieve though extensions. The hair is not left too long but nor shorter than three inches off the shoulder.

  • Blunt

Many women from Asia like to have their hair at a shoulder length, it is also called a blunt cut. The cut is quite simple, the length of the hair is up to the shoulder and in the front the hairstylist adds some layers. Bangs are also included in the haircut but they do not go as far as the eyebrows.

  • Curly

If you have a curly hair you will be glad to hear that there is an Asian haircut which works amazing with curly hair. The cut is simple but the difference is the layering which is done in a particular way.

If you do not have curly hair you will need to curl your hair using some special substances which make your hair last for a long period of time.

You do not have to be Asian to have one of the most popular Asian haircuts presented. Since it is in trend you will have no problem explaining to your stylist what you want.